#52Ancestors Week 43 ‘Quite the Character’

Welcome to Week 43 of my Genealogy challenge, from the wonderful Amy Johnson Crow, of writing something about your Ancestors for a whole year, #52Ancestors in 52 weeks. This week’s prompt is ‘Quite The Character’.

So let me tell you a little bit about ‘Uncle Albert’…………..

People always use the term ‘He’s the Life and Soul of the Party’, well that sums up Uncle Albert in one sentence! He technically wasn’t my Uncle, he was actually my Great Uncle, but we grew up in an era where everybody you knew, was your ‘Aunt and Uncle’.

Uncle Albert actually lived next door to my Grandparents Ann and Eddie Wootton and Uncle Albert’s Wife, Aunt Phyllis was the Sister of my Grandad Eddie, that’s the family connection. Therefore being Neighbours to my Grandparents and living within walking distance of my House, I got to see a lot of Uncle Albert growing up.

Uncle Albert was born in Canning Town in East London and was a proper East End Boy, his Family stayed in and around the East End of London, but Uncle Albert moved to Grays, in Essex, after he Married Aunt Phyllis. He was always a happy go lucky chap and was well known in the family for dancing, be it tap or ballroom. Albert and Phyllis were like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and always loved to Dance and brightened up every occasion. They were both very musical and played lots of different instruments between them, notably the Piano, which took pride of place in the Lounge. 

I always remember him being in the garden in his vest! He was always in his shed either making something or ‘fixing something’, like a lot from his generation, nothing was ever thrown away, it was always repaired or re-used! He was a tinkerer, forever doing ‘bits and bobs’ and ALWAYS singing. He would always have a song, a bit of a dance or would be whistling a tune and was ALWAYS smiling. What I also remember vividly, was the fact that he always made time to stop and ask how you were and what you had been up to, he always showed a genuine interest and I would always love wandering into his shed, watching him working on his ‘bits and bobs’. I think my fascination for fixing things and building things was partly formed here.

He could be described as ‘Dapper and Dandy’ and most definitely a ‘Character’, my dear old Uncle Albert.

Enjoy a few pictures of Uncle Albert and Aunt Phil with thanks to Cousins Iris and Ann.

Albert Copeland 1

Albert Copeland 3

Albert Copeland 4










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12 thoughts on “#52Ancestors Week 43 ‘Quite the Character’

  1. Great pictures, great character. I too had a great uncle Albert who lived across the road from my grandad but that is just about where the similarity stops. My Albert was miserable, bad tempered and someone a young boy remembers as lying in bed most of the time. A bus driver in his time, he was badly affected by arthritis so perhaps that excuses the memories I hold of him.

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