Great-Grandad’s World War 1 Medals Framed

After such a long time, I have finally had my Great-Grandfathers WW1 Medals Professionally Framed. To say that I am pleased with the outcome is an under statement, I am truly blown away by how amazing the frame and Medals look.

This is without doubt one of my proudest ‘Family History’ moments.

It was a long time in the planning stage, to get it right, but I was only going to do this once, so I wanted it done properly. I honestly could not be any happier with the finished frame, it looks truly amazing. The pictures won’t do it full justice, because the frames not mounted on the wall yet, but I’m sure the pictures will give you a feel for what it looks like.

Special thanks to Honours and Awards who kindly produced the wonderful frame.

In memory of my Great-Grandfather John Edwin Barnes, 8987, Essex Regiment, Killed in Action 25th April 1915.








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25 thoughts on “Great-Grandad’s World War 1 Medals Framed

      1. Oh gosh, no. It was 38 years ago. I doubt I’d even be able to identify them. This was back in South Africa in the 80s and stuff just disappeared. I doubt the people who stole the medals even knew their worth and probably just dumped them. Its painful to remember that, but it’s so long ago now. Part of life in SA I’m afraid..

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