My name is Paul Chiddicks and welcome to My Family History blog page.

Firstly a little bit about me and why I began tracing my Family Tree;

I am 56 years old and I am Married with two grown up children and live in Cheshire in England, having moved from my roots in Essex, through my work, around 20 years ago.

I began researching my family tree around 20 years ago to initially find out more about my Father, who sadly died when I was just three years old and I haven’t stopped searching and asking questions since! I also have a keen interest in Military History, in particular WW1 and like many of us, I have a number of Ancestors who sadly lost their lives, in the various campaigns of WW1.

Some of you might also recognise me from @twitter my username is @chiddickstree and I am a regular host of Twitter’s Tuesday night “Genealogy Feast”, known as #AncestryHour. I also write a regular Blog for Family Tree Magazine and some of my previous blogs can be found via this Link

I am also the ‘face’ behind the name of Family Tree Magazine’s ‘Dear Paul’ pages, where I write a regular Family History general miscellany column.

I am also a moderator on the very welcoming Forum called Family Tree Forum, link Here

I am also a volunteer “Genie” on @_walkmypast_ and a member of a number of local Family History Societies and I like to get involved as much as I can within The Family History Community and I am conscious of trying to “put something back” into the hobby that we all love.

I hope that you enjoy My Family History journey and would always welcome comments, both positive and negative on the things that you like or dislike.

So sit back, relax and let me take you on a journey of discovery………