The Reason We Write

We all need a little bit of inspiration to write don’t we?

I haven’t written anything thats ever been published before this blog (is this blog even technically classed as published??).

I probably have to go back to my school days, to when I was aged 10 and I had one of my stories placed on the classroom wall in English class, I felt so proud.

It must have had some impact, I can still remember it 43 years later!

In that time I have rarely had to call on those written skills that I was trying to polish, for so long at Secondary School. I was always more a Maths man myself, it was always black and white Maths; its either right or wrong. English, in particular, essay writing, is always open to interpretation, two different people could always have totally different interpretation of a story, so its kind of woolly or grey subject, with no definitive right or wrong. You can either like a story or dislike it, it doesn’t mean its wrong.

Now I know my written work is not the stuff of genius, far from it, I would probably make my old English teacher turn in his grave with my poor grammar, incorrect tense use and split infinitives (what are they again?), but I am actually thoroughly enjoying this little piece of writing.

Now you’re probably wondering where this all is going……………..

The inspiration for starting this whole project has been my long distant Cousin in Australia, Eleanor. She has re-kindled my interest in my family history, re-fuelled my enthusiasm to write and encouraged me no end with loads of really good ideas. I can’t take all the credit for this!

So in short, we all need a little reason to right, (deliberate spelling error to see if you’re still paying attention) and given the right encouragement there is no limit to what you can achieve. So thank you Cousin Eleanor for all the help encouragement, guidance and constructive criticism!!!

So for those of you contemplating producing a blog, a novel, a website, all I would say is be bold and go for it……………………

3 thoughts on “The Reason We Write

  1. Wonderful advice. Starting my blog in March of 2015 has been so helpful in my family history research.



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