My Family and Other Animals

Right hopefully you are reading this because you are either, a family history enthusiast, you are a member of my tree, or maybe you just enjoy a good blog and love animals?

So what is this all about you might ask? Well I’m sure if you are researching your own family tree, you have more than likely, only populated your tree with people, us “human types”, but have you ever considered the role of our pets within family life??

The likelihood is you haven’t considered their significant impact on generation after generation of your own family.

Whether it’s the good old fashioned “Heinz 57” mongrel dog, or your dear old Moggie, pets play a massive part in our day to day life. Companionship, unconditional love, exercise, fun, and a whole lot more, that’s what our pets bring.

Through the good times and bad times, they will be by your side, offering those doleful eyes, trying to get you in that moment of weakness, so that you finally give in and let them sleep on your bed, when you vowed they would never be allowed to sleep!

So why not stop and take a minute to reflect on the pets you had when you was a child, the pets you have now and the joy, love and laughter they bring!!


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