Royal British Legion Passchendaele 100 Pin

I am now the very proud owner of the Royal British Legion commemorative Poppy pin to remember those that sadly lost their lives 100 years ago at the 3rd battle of Ypres, known as Passchendaele.


The details of how this project came about and what went into the making of these commemorative poppy pins can be found on the attached video link.




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3 thoughts on “Royal British Legion Passchendaele 100 Pin

  1. Paul, thanks for this. I found your site through the Black Country Board.
    Next month my daughter and I will be at Varlet Farm, just outside Ypres, where my great-uncle was killed, for the centenary of his death on 26th October 1917. He was born in Blackheath so was a Black Countryman. He has no known grave but, as he served with the RNLI, he is commemorated on Panel 1 at Tyne Cot. (The RNLI counts as Navy which is the Senior Service, so are commemorated first!) Experts on the RNLI tell me that the number of ‘unknown’ Marines buried in Poelcapelle Cemetery almost exactly equates to the number killed in the battle where my great-uncle died so it is highly likely that he is buried there, albeit known only to god.
    My daughter was privileged to be present at Tyne Cot for the very moving service which was broadcast from there last month, as she is an archivist at The National Archives and worked on much of the information needed concerning the casualties mentioned at the service.
    I shall order myself a pin and remember my great-uncle when I wear it. Although he died unmarried and without issue, I was moved to realise, when I eventually managed to obtain a photograph of my great-uncle from a newspaper obituary, that my son, his great-great-nephew born seventy years after he died, could be his twin, it is lovely to realise that such genes pass down the generations. Sadly my son is now working in the Middle East and cannot be with us next month. When we went ten years ago, six other people who had lost relatives then turned up on the day, completely independently, including the Commanding Officer’s grandson who brought with him the Battalion Colours. The owner of the farm allowed a plaque commemorating the battle to be unveiled on their barn, it was quite an event. It will be interesting to see how many come this year. Poppy wreaths will no doubt be laid.

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    1. Hi Glenys,

      Many thanks for your reply, sorry for the delay, but I have been away for 6 days in Europe and we have a big 50th birthday party this weekend to celebrate, so I will not be able to reply fully until next week, but just wanted to say a quick thank you and will reply fully next week,

      Best wishes,



    2. Hi Glenys,
      Many thanks for your reply. I have not visited Ypres myself yet, I am hoping to visit next year,
      I also watched the very moving service from there last month, I watched the whole BBC broadcast live, it was a wonderful and also very moving service as you say. I think that it’s so important that future generations keep up the traditions of these type of ceremonies and that poppy days are still remembered with the respect they deserve. I am sure that your Daughter enjoyed the whole experience and service.
      The poppy pin is a lovely way to remember those that gave up so much so that we enjoy our freedom today. It’s great that the farmer allowed a plaque to be unveiled to commemorate those that lost their lives. Have you visited the national arboretum in Staffordshire?? It’s also a great place to visit and it marks the lives lost of service personnel and civilians, the RNLI are also remembered there.
      If you want to keep in touch drop me a message with your email address.

      Thanks again for getting in touch best wishes,



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