DNA Testing – The Revolution (1)

Over the next few weeks and months I hope to post a regular blog on my personal DNA experience, from a complete novice perspective. From the choosing of what type of DNA test to take, to the test itself, then following on with the results, how to interpret them and literally what to do with the results once you have them.

So today is Blog Number 1 the introduction itself.

There have been two defining moments, for me, in Genealogy and Family Tree research, the first being arrival of the internet and the instant accessibility to records online and the second is now upon us, DNA Testing!

I will openly admit that my personal knowledge of DNA testing is somewhat limited and probably like many others, I had dismissed it’s possibilities too easily, without weighing up the benefits it can bring. However I am a fast learner and I am gradually bringing myself up to speed with the benefits that DNA testing can bring to your research. Even us  old Dinosaurs can learn a trick or two from the Kids!

Now I am not going to try and teach you how to go about finding the most suitable test for you, there are far more well written and easy to use guides online and many online groups, that will give you the help that you need.

My intentions is only to highlight why I feel that it’s an important to consider taking a DNA test in the first place and to not be too dismissive of it’s benefits. DNA testing will never replace solid based factual research, but like all good genealogists who seek proof, it can help to prove or disprove family connections and can ask as an alternative source for your records. After all, a source and proof is what we are all looking for.

Add to this the possibility of discovering a wealth of new cousins around the globe and making new contacts, is there a reason not to consider taking a test? The possibility of gaining new matches is what I am personally looking forward to the most.

Like everything with Family History, you of course have to be prepared for what you might uncover, but that’s equally possible from just using paper records, so as long as you are prepared for what your DNA can tell you, there’s no reason not to take a test.

I will post an update to this blog once my results have arrived and will post regular blogs on how I am interpreting my results and my plan of action. Including updates of making contact with new matches.

So why not join me and join the DNA revolution and lets see where this new road will take us.

Special mention to all my friends on #ancestryhour for all their help and guidance and of course patience with me and all my DNA related questions!

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7 thoughts on “DNA Testing – The Revolution (1)

  1. Good luck with this. I have done mine 2 yrs ago on familytree dna and my brother did ancestry dna. It has brought me nothing! People i contact thru gedmatch dont even bother answering. I have never been contacted once. So it hasnt helped me with my brick wall or anything else for that matter! But i am not sxientifically minded and maybe it will be different fr you. Certainly hope so!! Regards…

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  2. Welcome down the rabbit hole! I’ve tested myself, my mother, and a few other people. It’s been a great tool in my genealogy toolbox. I’ve not smashed through any brick walls (yet), but it has helped me chisel away at a few. I’ve had mixed results with contacting matches – some don’t respond, but there have also been a number that have led to great collaborations.

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