My DNA Results are in!! (4)



My DNA results are in!!

Could I be anymore British if I tried!

86% British, with a large percentage of that Southern England, the Southern England part is hardly surprising.

What does surprise me and is somewhat disappointing,  is the very low percentage of results for Italy and Ireland, given my supposed connections to both these countries on my direct lines.



So what to do next with the information provided by Ancestry?

My Ancestry DNA results have come up with seven matches on my Ancestry hints, which indicate three 4th cousin matches and four 5th-8th cousin matches, which are listed as moderate connections, but nothing closer than that. So I now have seven new contacts to make and try to find a connection between our families.


There are also a staggering 90 matches of 4th-6th cousins.

The next step I think, is to initially to make contact with the seven closest matches and examine closer, the 90 matches!

I feel that I need to then formulate and organize a real plan going forwards of where and how to upload my raw data elsewhere…………………..

So look out for the next instalment, making contacts and formulating a battle plan for up loading the raw data.

Thanks for sharing and following my DNA experience……

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12 thoughts on “My DNA Results are in!! (4)

  1. “There are also a staggering 90 matches of 4th-6th cousins.”
    Have you looked at your number of 5th to 8th cousins? 50 per page, you’ve probably got several thousand.


      1. My meaning was not that you should look at all your many thousands of remote matches individually, rather that if you thought 90 was a staggering number of closish matches, the number of more remote matches is even more staggering.
        If you have some unusual surnames in your tree, or villages/smallish towns, it is worth using the ‘search matches’ – this will find matching names and places, even in private trees.
        As for contacting your closest matches, don’t forget that many of them will not be interested in genealogy as such, some won’t reply at all, some have very small and/or private trees.

        Good luck, Margaret


  2. Hi Paul,
    Been trying to contact you.
    Sent to emails to cyber space.
    My name is Janet Crank née Pope,
    Born Southport Queensland on the 9 th September 1955
    parents George Pope and Louisa Susanna Heffill,
    I have been researching my family tree on and off for years. But have had some success with the DNA test, as you have.
    My families surnames are,
    Pope, Garrod, Hart, Powell, Thompson, Heffill, Douse, Wiseman ,CRAMP.
    My Mother was a Heffill, her parents James Fischer Heffill and Elizabeth Jane Douse.
    Elizabeth Jane Douse parents James Douse (railway plate layer) married a Jane CRAMP Lived 43 Cross Street Battersea. Have the birth certificate for Elizabeth Jane Douse 9 th February 1888.
    Marriage Certificate 26 th August 1918 for James Fischer Alder Heffill and Elizabeth Jane Douse
    I have been researching the Pope side, looking for Canadian Indians. DNA came back from a 3 th cousin, so some of the 1/2 cousins males are having the test done.
    Hope to keep in contact.
    My email address.


    1. like my husband who is an incredible 97% English, and according to new ancestry map,, totally around LancaShire! (No Scottish, welsh etc) 3% Danish.


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