GEDMatch All DNA Kits Deleted

This blog has been totally rewritten in light of the recent security breach at GEDmatch, Jan 2021.

I have previously wrestled with the dilemma of whether or not to keep my DNA on the GEDmatch website and prior to this breach, I had been quite happy to do so. Now after another breach, even with a new Company at the helm, I can no longer justify keeping my DNA on a website that offers so little in the way of confidence that my data and DNA are safe and that they can prevent this from happening again.

I am sure many will argue for and many against, but we all have to reach our own conclusions and decisions and I have decided to remove all 4 DNA kits that I manage.


The idea and concept is brilliant, a website where all Autosomal tests can be viewed alongside each other sounds too good to be true and in the end that is sadly the case.

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13 thoughts on “GEDMatch All DNA Kits Deleted

  1. Once one opts to pass/send their DNA data out of the security of a testing lab, one has effectively created their own Pandora’s box, worse because this data is key to your life and that of your ancestors and descendants. Once out of its secure space it becomes available to the public market aided by the same public who ignores the caveats on all major DNA testing sites like Ancestry, 23andMe, etc. -all of which advise the client NOT to allow migration of your most personal and intimate data which should be kept confidential. The crew of what I call Bored Housewives gets hold of this data which is then passed on to others who, like the bevy of housewives have no scientific clue about the sanctity of DNA and its transport via generation of information that makes us who we are and holds the same information about the ancestors who have contributed. In effect, this lets the proverbial cat out of the bag-free to travel over space, time and too often into the hands of those who should never be privy to our deepest and most sacred secrets. Once in the public domain, the police can snatch this information avoiding the law which demands legal procedures be followed before they can obtain the information.

    (NB: I have a too well-known felon named Jesse James as a DNA relative in my genome. So the police, who are not exactly the brightest people on the planet, show up at my doorstep demanding to take me ‘down to headquarters’ for a ‘grilling’ concerning some crime I am no accomplice to nor have any inkling about. The cops have no warrant to interrogate me nor to have access to my family trees or to have access to the secrets held in my genome. How did they get the information that I gave no permission for them to review? Via the first bored housewife who to a GED match and played it forward …to the next BH who did the same. )

    This scenario never happened but it could and it does.

    Ancestry has this on its website: ‘Ancestry Guide for Law Enforcement’. I would advise all to go to this site and to read it carefully and heed its advice. I would encourage any one who has their DNA data outside of the lab who holds – including your own pc it to delete that data ASAP. Ancestry has offices in the UK for those who reside there -and also in Europe. 23&Me has similar advice as do other well-known commercial DNA labs.

    Better to be safe, than sorry and better to be well informed than to remain ignorant. Rule #1 Keep your DNA data PRIVATE and SAFE from prying eyes. That is your responsibility and your right.

    I hope this information will help your readers/followers.

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    1. Thank you my friend for your detailed and very valid points and thank you for sharing these points with my fellow genealogy friends. Small print? What small print? I have just read Ancestry’s guide for law enforcement and must confess to never having read it before, have added the link here in case others want to read it.
      There is the obvious attraction in the bright shiny object of what DNA offers the Genealogist that pure paper records cannot. We all have to make a balanced judgement based on our own perspectives BUT the key bit is that it has to be an INFORMED decision. I hope your information goes Part of the way to help others to make their own informed choices.

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      1. We can only hope that what we pass on as information is beneficial and current based on rigorous observations. As you and I and others know, science and academia changes its opinions rapidly. I can only offer what experience has confirmed by others efforts. Hopefully what I offer will benefit other-especially the generations to follow us. BTW: bright shiny objects can take us to places we should never go. We must beware of what we think we or others ‘know’.

        Thank you for your encouragement, Paul. NB: Jesse James is indeed a DNA relative. England had a fantastic goal keeper named David James who is one of my favorite keepers. I am hoping to discover that he is a cousin of mine.

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  2. You do of course know the adage about the affects of assuming, do you not? There is far too much assumption and its cousin presumption in this world -both rooted in evil. D’ accord.
    Yes I do know about David’s artistic streak. Not surprising for a goalkeeper of his considerable talents. Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend.

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  3. I am working on that my friend*… but get interrupted with more news on my missing sister like the most recent arrival of another gr nephew for me and one of my niece’s half-brothers-a man that I am almost certain is my sister’s grandson; but of course he could be the son of one of my brother’s daughters.
    *PS Not sure if I can fulfill your description of ‘wonderful’ -but I promise to do my best.

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  4. Tu es trés trés gentile, Paul. In case you haven’t guessed, my guest role will almost always be on the difficulties for adoptees in finding themselves and their families. As you see it has taken me decades to find close family matches vi DNA, so 2 within a six month period is really a miracle. Bless Drs Crick & Watson-my 4ever heroes. My cats say hell0 to your critters!

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    1. We should always write about the subjects that we feel most passionate about and I know exactly what being an adoptee means for you and your family and I am sure your experiences can help other adoptees in a similar position – my pesky critters wave a paw back the naughty boys keep bringing mice in again! I was hoping mouse season was over!

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  5. I have to chuckle at your rascals as I have had many cats who do the same. One, Purrrcival, brought his freshly killed gifts in early morning and laid them on my chest… Hey hoomin! Look what I caught! My latest rascal, Magique, a wily street cat who prefers out to in, used to find snakes to gift me with-lol! He hasn’t done that for over a year, so I hope he is not reading this. Just be grateful that your naughty boys don’t follow Magique’s lead. My other cat, Rhym, is a great mouser and ratter which is quite wonderful since we have a severe rodent problem here, in part because Americans keep their their cats indoors, therefore defeating the nature of a cat and the reason to have one or two or three or four.
    Happy Monday, my friend.

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    1. Oh wow I think my Wife would feint if they laid them on her chest haha! Snakes!! Mind you to be fair, our old cat did trap a grass snake once before! His gifts always came in bits! He would eat half and leave you half as a present, not the nicest thing to wake up to in the morning! Wealways thought mouse season was just a summer activity here, but this year they have carried on right through the winter. Happy Monday my friend


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