Childhood Memories, My Trip down Memory Lane……..

So what do you remember from your childhood??

This is not in any chronological order, it’s just my ramblings from my childhood……………see how many you remember from yours.

The smell of freshly baked cakes in the Kitchen, the smell always filled the house with inviting aromas and made you feel constantly hungry. Even now, every single time I take the seal off a fresh pack of butter, I am instantly transported back in time, to that moment as a 5 year old, watching my Nan baking Cakes in the Kitchen.

The cloud of dust in the Kitchen when the coal man delivered his next load directly into the cupboard in the Kitchen, yes it really was in the Kitchen!

The pint glass full of milk that I had every day after school.

The Chocolate Box full of “goodies” that was kept “on the top shelf”.

Day trips in the Summer to Southend and watching my Nan play shutter bingo (as we called it), then afterwards, the customary photo booth pictures.


Going “Conkering” and the art of finding the best Conker.

Scrumping in the Orchard in the Vicarage and not getting caught.

Playing “Run-outs”, Bulldog and Tag, on the Village Green.

Blue Peter on the TV and Thunderbirds.

Playing Lego (of course!)


Holidays at Butlins and all the fun that we had there.


Being terrified of The Child Catcher on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


Space Hoppers, playing Clackers and always wanting a real Chopper Bike for Christmas. I always wanted a red one, but my dear old Mum could never afford one. I now of course realise how times were a lot tougher for my Mum, but the pain of disappointment still scars me today (only kidding).


Going to Scouts on a Tuesday evening with our “2p Emergency Money” for the phone and on the way home stopping at the Chippy to buy a pickled onion instead.

Playing Football all day, until it got dark, imagine letting your kids out like that these days! Building camps in the woods and camping out.

A tin bath in the garden in the summer and by the fire in the winter brrrrrr.


I could go on and on……………….

So why not share with me your Childhood memories……….

6 thoughts on “Childhood Memories, My Trip down Memory Lane……..

  1. I love the British take on your childhood memories, which aren’t really much different than my American ones – with the exception of Butlins!


  2. My Grandad taking me for a walk into town and sitting at the water gardens, singing fly away Peter fly away Paul, with little pieces of paper stuck to his finger….hard to explain if you don’t know it!

    Then buying sunny Stories on the way home.


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