#52Ancestors “So Far Away”

Week 5 of my #52Ancestors challenge is the subject of “So Far Away”.

If you follow my regular Family History blog, then last week you would have been briefly introduced to my Grandfather Horace Chiddicks, who spent his entire adult life (47 years), living in the same house.

Close to Home

By complete contrast, Horace’s older Brother Fred, left the shores of the UK, aged just 21, to find his fortune in Canada, so let me tell you a little bit more about Great Uncle Fred.

Frederick James Chiddicks was born 4th August 1901 in South Ockendon, Essex, the fourth oldest child born to William Chiddicks and Caroline Rosina Chiddicks.

We will never know what attracted a young and ambitious young Fred to venture overseas but at some point in his early 20’s, Fred was attracted by the draw of Emigrating to Canada, as were many others, over a number of years, from the UK.

History of Immigration to Canada

What I found really interesting was young Fred listed as his proposed occupation, Farming.


So that was it, young Fred was on his way to seek his fortune in Canada, heading to Toronto.

Over the years Fred made several trips backwards and forwards from here to Canada, but it appears he never quite made it as a Farmer;

24th Nov 1925  SS Aurania Cunard Line Destination Address: 12, Brooke Road, Grays, Essex Occupation Salesman Age 24 from Montreal to London

2nd Apr 1926  SS Ascania  Destination Address: Mrs Pink, 207, Simpson Avenue, Toronto Occupation Clerk Southampton to Halifax

2nd Apr 1936  SS Aquitania Cunard White Star Destination Address: 30, Kent Road, Grays, Essex Occupation Clerk Age 34 New York to Southampton

9th July 1949  SS Aquitania Cunard White Star Destination Address: 6, Fairleigh Drive, Leigh-On-Sea, Essex Age 48 Halifax to Southampton

Thanks to the Canadian Voters lists being available on Ancestry, I was able to get a bit more of a glimpse into the life of Great Uncle Fred;

Listed in 1940 Canadian list of electors as living at 103, Harding Boulevard, York, Ontario, Canada.

Listed in 1949 Canadian list of electors as living at Highland Creek, York, Ontario, occupation Secretary.

Listed in 1957 Canadian list of electors as living at 5, Heathfield Drive, York-Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, occupation Contractor.

Listed in 1963 Canadian Voters list as living at 5, Heathfield Drive, York, Toronto, Ontario occupation Paymaster

Listed in 1972 Canadian list of electors as living at Victoria, Halliburton, Ontario, Canada, occupation retired.

Listed in 1974 Canadian list of electors as living at Victoria, Halliburton, Ontario, Canada, occupation Retired.

I can clearly remember Fred and his Wife Aileen and their two children visiting my Grand parents house in the early 1970’s, it was their one and only visit that I can remember.

Horace and Fred Chiddicks

(Grandad Horace on the left and brother Fred on the right at my Grandad’s house in 1971)

This is only a small part of the story, when I started researching my Family Tree, all those years ago, I had forgotten that we had family in Canada, so I decided to write to my “Canadian Cousins” and for a good number of years I was regularly emailing Fred’s wife, My Great Aunt Aileen, by this time Fred had sadly passed away (1992). I grew really close to my Aunt Aileen and although we never met, she was able to give me a brief insight into their idyllic life in Canada. We exchanged lots of stories and photos over the years until sadly Aunt Aileen passed away herself.

Here are just a few of the family pics that Great Aunt Aileen sent of their family life in Bobcaygeon, Toronto.




So there is the briefest of glimpses into the life of my “So Far Away” Chiddicks Family from Canada.

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4 thoughts on “#52Ancestors “So Far Away”

  1. A distant cousin of mine did the same thing. He left England around 1912 to head to Canada, also with the intention of becoming a farmer. Unfortunately he was soon back in the UK with the Canadian medical corps, as he was heading off to fight in WW1. He was killed sadly.


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