#52Ancestors “Popular”

Welcome to week 12 of my Genealogy challenge, from the wonderful Amy Johnson Crow, of writing something about your Ancestors for a whole year, #52Ancestors in 52 weeks.

This week the theme is “Popular”, which is defined as “liked or admired by many people”.

I decided to look away from my tree this time and look at what I consider to me the most “Popular” genealogy websites for me, the sites that are my “go to” search places.

My choices might surprise some of you, but those that know me well, will already know some of my choices, so I will give you my top three most “Popular” Genealogy websites as recommended by me.

My Number 1 choice is The British Newspaper Archive website, one of the most under used resources, in my opinion, for Genealogist’s, but one of the first places I look when I discover a “new ancestor”. I had one Funeral announcement that listed three generations of the family, including in-laws, all the respective children, plus one Ancestor’s Military Service, with full regiment and Battalion details! Where else can you find such detailed information in one document!

Mrs Chiddicks Funeral


The second website that I use all the time and one that is extremely “Popular” amongst all Genealogist’s, is the Free BMD Website site. “What’s not to like” with a website that’s free. Of course I must make a special mention to all those volunteers who tirelessly work behind the scenes to help all Genealogist’s to benefit from these wonderful resources.

The last website that I want to mention and one that is very “Popular” for myself and my Ancestry research, is the Essex Record Office website, Essex Archives Online. The bulk of my main Ancestry lines hail from the County of Essex, but frustratingly for me, I moved 200 miles away from my home County of Essex, after I started researching my Family Tree. What makes this website even better, is the fact that they have digitized all the Parish Registers for the whole County, a Genealogist’s Goldmine!

So that’s my three “go to Popular” websites…………



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2 thoughts on “#52Ancestors “Popular”

  1. So glad that you included FreeBMD in your list! I freaking love that site – although I have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever used their sister sites FreeCEN and FreeREG.

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