#52Ancestors Week 28 “Multiple”

Welcome to week 28 of my Genealogy challenge, from the wonderful Amy Johnson Crow, of writing something about your Ancestors for a whole year, #52Ancestors in 52 weeks. This week’s prompt is ‘multiple’.

This week I am keeping it simple as I don’t have any Multiple Births on my Tree, so I am going for ‘Multiple’ Photographs.

Simply the pictures of my 8 Great-Grandparents, well, 7 of my 8 Great-Grandparents, as one of the biggest missing pieces on my tree is a photograph of my Great-Grandfather John Edwin Barnes who sadly died at Gallipoli.

So let me introduce my Great-Grandparents;

William Chiddicks

(William Chiddicks)

caroline chiddicks 1

(Caroline Rosina Keyes)

Frank Day as a Young Man

(Frank Day)

Marguerite Longland Lukes

(Marguerite Longland Lukes)


(William Tom Wootton)


(Emily Dodd Butterworth)

Lizzie Daniels

(Lizzie Daniels on the right)

VLUU L210  / Samsung L210

(Helles Memorial, Gallipoli to remember the final resting place of John Edwin Barnes)


I wonder if anybody thinks that any of my great-grandparents look like me??


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6 thoughts on “#52Ancestors Week 28 “Multiple”

  1. I love your interpretations of the prompts. I wish I was that creative! Love the photos – it is my 2nd favorite part of doing my family tree, seeing what my relatives looked like.

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