The Airing Cupboard

If like me, you are a Family Historian or the keeper of your families stories, then the chances are, you are a “storyteller”.

For me, there is nothing better than listening to a good story, beautifully told.

In the last couple of years I have been introduced to the wonderful world of Podcasts and have enjoyed many family tree and history based podcasts during this time.

It was around a year ago that my dear “Genie” pal Kelly Cornwell, introduced me to the wonderful and idyllic world of The Airing Cupboard. “Telling the extraordinary stories of ordinary people.”

The stories are so beautifully told and woven together by the delightful host Zoe and they truly transport you away to the various parts of the world and each story is like the painting on a fresh canvas. Some are sad, some inspiring, some are inspirational and some are all three, but they are a refreshing break in the fast paced lives that we live. I urge you to listen to one and not be either reduced to tears or inspired to a better “you.”

Trust me you will be hooked…….

So sit back, relax and enjoy the stories and feel the escape………..

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