The Old Palace School Bombing Update

Listed below are the names of 32 Firemen and 2 Firewomen who lost their lives at The Old Palace School Bombing on 20th April 1941, in the heart of the East End of London. This is still today, the largest ever loss of life for the Fire Brigade Service, at a single incident. The link below will take you to my new website dedicated to keeping their memories alive and recounting the stories of every one of the firefighters who tragically died that night.

The Old Palace School website can be found here:

Old Palace School Bombing

Below is the first ever image of the Old Palace School, which I have not published before and below is a map showing the school’s location in Poplar, London. The image is copyright to the London Metropolitan Archives and permission to reproduce the image is granted under license with the following copyright:

Old Palace School, St. Leonard’s Street © London Metropolitan Archives (City of London)


old palace school location

(Map Showing St. Leonards Street, Poplar)

Listed below are the names of those that tragically died and as each biography is completed, you can click on the name of the individual firefighter and read his or her story.

AFS Firewoman Hilda Ellen Dupree

Firewoman Winifred Alexandra Peters

AFS Fireman Percy Charles Aitchison

AFS Fireman Ronald Mark Bailey

AFS Fireman Alan Charles Barber

AFS Fireman Ernest Reginald Beadle

AFS Fireman Kenneth John Bowles

AFS Fireman John Coleman Barrell

AFS Fireman Patrick Joseph Campbell     

AFS Fireman Harry John Clifford Carden

AFS Fireman Robert John Deans

AFS Fireman Frank James Endean

AFS Fireman Cecil Farley

AFS Fireman George John Joseph Hall

AFS Messenger Bertie James Frederick Harris

AFS Fireman Leslie Thomas Healey

AFS Fireman Ernest Herbert Henly

AFS Fireman Albert Victor Kite

AFS Fireman John Francis Mead

AFS Fireman Vernon Jospeh Middleditch

AFS Fireman Alfred Edward Minter

AFS Fireman Norman Richard Charles Mountjoy

AFS Fireman Frederick George Parcell

AFS Fireman Martin Charles Parfett

AFS Fireman William Charles Plant 

AFS Fireman Cyril Bertram Porter

AFS Fireman William Thomas Rashbrook

AFS Leading Fireman Leonard Roots

AFS Fireman Albert Alfred Savill

Station Officer Richard William Sinstadt

AFS Fireman Edgar William Vick

AFS Fireman Walter John Woodland   

AFS Leading Fireman Herbert Charles Wotton

Thank you for taking the time to stop and read the stories of the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice when their country needed them most. Life can deal the cruellest of blows and change lives forever and that loss never goes away. All of these families were torn apart by the ravages of war. Many of those that died that night were young men and women, just starting out in life and the devastation and loss was deeply felt by all the families and the wider communities as well. Parents lost sons and daughters, spouses lost their partners and many of those that died were fathers or mothers and left their children growing up without one of their parents.

Those that lost their life at the old palace school stood up when our Country needed them most and we will always be eternally grateful for their courage, bravery and the ultimate sacrifice they gave, to ensure we enjoy the freedom that we have today. Unsung heroes each and every one of them.

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  1. Haven’t seen that photo of the Old Palace School before. Your blog posts and website are a great way to remind the world of the heroism of the men and women who lost their lives during this terrible incident.

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