National Arboretum Remembering Gallipoli

Those of you that have following my blogs, will already know that my 2 x great grand father, John Edwin Barnes sadly died at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915.

Earlier this year I was able to visit the National Arboretum in Staffordshire which holds over 300 memorials to those that have sadly been lost in conflict and civilian life. It is a very humbling experience and a place for contemplation and reflection.

If you have not visited before, then I urge to make a visit to pay your respects to those that are remembered here, for many different reasons, whether in Conflict or civilian duty. There is a comfort to be taken from remembering those lives lost here and marked in various ways by the memorials and paying your own respect to the fallen.


If you get the opportunity to visit the National Arboretum to pay your respects, it is a worthwhile visit and day out.




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