All My Blogs for Family Tree Magazine In One Handy Place


All the blogs that I have ever written for Family Tree Magazine all in one handy place………

How To Plan A Family Reunion

MyHeritage Hints, Tips and Cheats

FindMyPast Hints, Tips and Cheats

Ancestry Hints, Tips and Cheats

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Genealogist

Become Your Family’s Story Keeper

The Top 10 Sins of a Genealogist

Making the best use of Archives

Grave Matters

Presenting your Work

Missing from a Census

How The Census Works

Beating Writer’s Block

Image is Everything

The 15 Minute Genealogist

Walk in their Footsteps

Will your Tree ever be complete

How to use Social Media in Family History

Leaving a Footprint Behind

The Ethics of Family History

Why you should join a Family History Society

Review, Review, Review

Google is your Friend

What is Family History?

95 thoughts on “All My Blogs for Family Tree Magazine In One Handy Place

  1. How awesome you’ve had do many stories published. They referenced one of my articles on cemeteries. I had visited a local Irish cemetery and photographed some of the gravestones which showed their country and county of birth. I was so wishing that I had ancestors buried there… that would be a great find.


    1. Thanks Jeanne, out of interest what cemetery did you visit in Ireland? I have been to Glasnevin in Dublin. I also write the regular column in Family Tree Magazine called Dear Paul, so if you ever find something that might interest me don’t hesitate to drop me a message

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