Was WW2 Inevitable?

After the end of WW1 and the Paris was treaty was signed, the league of nations was formed with the basic function of maintaining world peace.

Almost 20 years later and Europe was brought to its knees once more with the atrocities of War.

This blog isn’t an attempt to apportion blame or go over the history books again, as I am sure that there are literally thousands of documented history covering WW2. The point I am trying to make is with the end of WW1 and the division of countries and borders, was WW2 always going to be inevitable?


Did the various periods of depression across Europe, allow for Dictators to take control of countries that they otherwise would not have been able to?


The Spanish Civil War, the invasion of Japan into China and the uprisings in Italy all helped to destabilise Europe. Will we hopefully learn from these past failings?

History should always teach us not to make the same mistakes again…………


What do you think? Was WW2 inevitable?

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8 thoughts on “Was WW2 Inevitable?

  1. If you read The Origins of the Second World War by AJP Taylor he was very much of the view that yes, WWII was inevitable following the Treaty of Versailles -https://www.amazon.co.uk/Origins-Second-World-War-ebook/dp/B002RI8ZNC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1509974626&sr=8-2&keywords=the+origins+of+the+second+world+war&dpID=51Pcni4g%252BeL&preST=_SY445_QL70_&dpSrc=srch


    1. Thanks Julie, I have not read that particular book yet, but find the topic, as with all history topics really, is open to debate and interpretation. All we can do is form our opinions on what is documented. It’s a good discussion to have and thanks for the tip about the book, its much appreciated.


    2. If the Great powers had intervened in many disputes, it is possible the war could have been less of a global war and more of a regional conflict. But no one wanted to get involved or form coalitions of countries to settle the disputes.


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