Making a Difference




A blog that is truly influenced and inspired by the blogs that I have been reading recently by the blogger No Light Without Darkness.

A lesson to each and everyone of us to never under estimate the difference we can all make in another person’s life each and every day.

Of course we are all too busy in our day to day lives aren’t we? When a work colleague explains to you about a problem they are having, are you truly listening? Or is all that you hear just words?

When you pass a rough sleeper in your town do you notice them? Have you got time to listen to their story and make a difference?

When you go to the shops do you think of those families who have to rely on the food bank?

When you look at all the enjoyment and fun you have at Christmas with your family did you consider those that have no family?

Did you consider those locked up in their own world unable to even consider leaving the comfort of their own house? Do you even care?

I used be judgemental……………………….not anymore

I used think everything in the world was black and white…………..not anymore

Please don’t think that I am taking the moral high ground with this blog, far far from it.

All I am saying is to stop every day and listen to a friend or a work colleague you could just be the person that “makes a difference” in that persons life that day. If we all did that just once in a day ,just imagine the ripple effect. So stop, smile, say hello and listen to a friend, we all can make a difference.

make a difference phrase on blackboard


2 thoughts on “Making a Difference

  1. And have your views relating to compassion to others changed due to researching family history and/or your recent DNA test? It has opened my eyes to the fact we are all interconnected.


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