#52Ancestors “Prosperity”

Week 8’s challenge, from Amy Johnson Crow’s #52Ancestors in 52 weeks is “Prosperity”, how did our Ancestors prosper?

Prosperity is normally associated with financial wealth, but not all “prosperity” has to be defined as financial.

Initially I struggled to find a subject topic, it wasn’t until I looked at “prosperity” from a different perspective did I find the story to tell……….

This one is all about “Me”.

In the general meaning of the word prosperity, I am by no means wealthy financially, but what I am wealthy and gifted with, is a wonderful loving family. My own two children have recently moved out, they are 28 and 25 and they have both matured into wonderful, kind caring and extremely thoughtful young adults. They both also have such wonderful partners, which is always a concern as a parent.

The road here was not always an easy one, but by hook or by crook, we managed to get through it all, relatively unscathed. Having spoken to a number of parents of teenagers recently, believe me, I share your pain, sometimes it can feel like a War, but if you choose your battles carefully, believe me, you will get through it, I’m living proof that we can and do survive after our Teen Kids have grown up.

I am also blessed with a wonderful extended family and I love nothing more than when the house is full of noise and laughter and visitors, although it does feel like “Hotel Chiddicks” at times, please check out our review on Tripadvisor (only kidding!).

Not forgetting of course, my beautiful and extremely patient Wife! She has to put up with all of this, plus me! Inside my head I am hilarious, but she’s been hearing the same jokes these last 30 odd years and still laughs in the right places! She even manages to look mildly interested when I show her my new 5-8th Cousin DNA match, I mean who wouldn’t be interested?

So am I prosperous, you bet I am, can you measure it? You indeed can, because what I have is absolutely priceless!




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10 thoughts on “#52Ancestors “Prosperity”

  1. Your post made me smile! Definitely a good take on the theme! I couldn’t quite get a handle on it so have decided to skip this one (have plenty of other things keeping me busy!).

    I also need that shirt that your son (I assume) is wearing … as the youngest of 4 children, I feel it would be apt!


    1. Thanks Dominic! Yes it is my Son and its been a long running theme in the family for years, all cards etc make a reference to it, going back to when they were little and super competitive! It was actually my Daughter’s boyfriend who got the T shift for my Son, which makes it even funnier


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