#52Ancestors “Disaster”

So far so good, I am keeping up!

It’s now Week 9, of the wonderful Genealogy prompts from Amy Johnson Crow and this week we are looking at the subject of “Disaster”.

The first thing that I thought of was; what would  happen if I lost all my years of Family History Research, due to Computer Crash, Virus, flood etc, how disastrous would that be!! Unthinkable!!

Therefore to prevent the worst type of “Genealogical Disaster”, what preventative measures have you taken to protect your work and is it foolproof?


My family tree program is connected and backed up via Ancestry, so I have a permanent up to date online version of my tree. This is mirrored by two bi-monthly backups to a memory stick, with the third back up option covered by the cloud. In addition to my Family Tree software, all family tree files and folders are backed up this way. It’s not completely foolproof, but I’m hopeful that I have enough resources should “Disaster” strike! Are you prepared for the unthinkable?




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17 thoughts on “#52Ancestors “Disaster”

  1. Now THAT would be a disaster!! I use Ancestry online as well as saving everything to an external harddrive. I also have a lot of documents printed and kept in family history binders.


  2. most of my tree is on myheritage.com, but I also have paper…the good old fashioned way. I’m slowly getting into word, so I can send it to family. I’ve also done the dna test, through ftdna, which is affiliated with myheritage.


  3. We do our best to preserve things for posterity don’t we? I think about the material I have and wonder why and how these things have survived. I notice how much material families in America and Australia seem to retain from their ancestors. Dare I say that being a long way from their original home helped ensure that they really cherished those remnants from home-maintaining links with their original homeland became even more important. Apparently there is a whole album of photos pertaining to my grandmother’s ancestry here.


      1. I think the current generation is no different. I mean I am the only person in my family with any real passion for this. Most people have no interest, unless there is the prospect of money at the end. I actually did find unclaimed funds for one family I researched. This poses more difficulties than it solves. As the money had been sitting there for over a hundred years. I did receive some support for using it to pay tribute to those particular ancestors in some way.


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