My Half-Yearly Report, How Did I Do?

So here we are, at the half way stage in the year and what a year it’s been!

Way back in December, when I set myself my Genealogy Goals for 2020, nobody could have dreamed what 2020 was going to bring, we had no idea back then, how the landscape of the world and society was going to change.

So how have I faired on the Genealogy front? How does my half-term report look?

Well first things first, I never ever dreamt, at the start of the year, that I would be hosting the ‘Dear Paul’ column for Family Tree Magazine, this has come as a truly wonderful surprise and honour and such a great opportunity. To be involved with a Magazine that I have loved and read for many years is such a privilege and what a way to start of the New Year! How can I possibly top that!


The first goal on my list for 2020 was to completely overhaul and revamp my Blog site. I had previously set up my blog in 2017 and although I was pleased with the content, the overall website lacked any personality or love. So with the help and support of a few “Genie Friends’, the first thing I did this year was to drastically overhaul my blog site. I am absolutely delighted with the end result and I hope you are too! The attached viewing figures, clearly show that there has been far more visitors in the first six months of this year than any of the whole of the previous years, plus I have surpassed 400 followers and I am really delighted and grateful for this. I never in my wildest dreams thought that anybody would ever be interested in what I had to say!

I have seen the viewing figures jump from just over 4,000 in 2017, to over 17,000 already in the first six months of the year. I am absolutely thrilled and delighted about that and can’t thank you all enough for all your support and encouragment.

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 21.51.41

My next goal was to complete the final parts of my Family History Re-organisation, I had previously written a blog that showed how my re-organsisation was structured and this has now been fully implemented, so that is definitely, job done! The link to my Family History Organisation can be found Here

The next target has been hanging over me for more years than I am embarrassed to admit, but finally I am pleased to say that I am well on the way to fully scanning and digitising my Family History Photo Collection, it’s not fully complete yet, but at long last I can say that I have started! You can follow my progress and blogs here;

Organising Your Family History Photographs Part 1

Organising Your Family History Photographs Part 2

Organising Your Family History Photographs Part 3

Last year I was guilty of over subscribing to various Genealogy websites, that had very clear overlaps, which didn’t make sense from a Financial point of view and resulted in some Subscriptions not being used nearly as much as they should have. This year, well so far anyway, I have been far more disciplined in my approach and have restricted myself to just two subscriptions. I have been sorely tempted on a few occasions, but have resisted the urge! I have one website that I have my eye on though and once I have a bit more time, I might treat myself, so watch this space!

I promised myself that I would continue to blog on a regular basis and also try to improve the quality. Well I have certainly continued blogging, hopefully the quality has improved? I will let you be the judge of that!

My next target was to actually do a half yearly review around my Birthday (hint hint) and if you are reading this, then I have certainly fulfilled that target, something that I failed to do last year and is part of the reason, that I think I lost a bit of focus.

I promised myself to listen to more podcasts and webinars, although I have watched a few webinars, I could have probably watched more. Whereas podcasts I have listened to absolutely loads, not all family history related and wait for it, yours truly has actually taken part in some with Family Tree Magazine and I have actually started my own series of Podcasts called ‘Fireside Tales’, so please have a listen and let me know what you think!

Family Tree Magazine Podcast 4

Family Tree Magazine Podcast 2

Last year I started Amy Johnson Crow’s #52 Ancestors Challenge and faded half way through. This time, at the half way mark, I have managed to stay fully on course and I have not missed one week so far. Let’s hope I can continue and complete all 52 weeks!

Of course I am still one of the hosts of Tuesday nights #AncestryHour on Twitter, which takes place every Tuesday at 7pm UK time, something that I am really proud and honoured to be involved with. It’s a Genealogy fun packed hour for everyone of all levels of experience, to share their news, stories etc and to ask any questions, why not give it a try?

The next two items have sadly been put on hold, due to circumstances out of my control. I don’t think any of us could have ever predicted what 2020 was going to bring, so therefore my trips to Dublin and Gallipoli have sadly been shelved, at least for this year. Another casualty has been Family History shows, with Family Tree Live, Rootstech London and The Genealogy Show, being the biggest three casualties, again due to circumstances out of everyone’s control. Let’s hope 2021 brings a bumper year for Genealogy shows and we can return to a more normal existence again.

I have managed to have short bursts on my DNA and have even managed to paint some more connections on my DNA Painter profile. I have to say that the short bursts have been very productive. Rather than my previous scatter gun approach to DNA, I have targeted specific matches and successfully solved them. If only I had more time, the Genealogists arch enemy.

I have also become a moderator on a wonderful friendly Family History Forum called Family Tree Forum details can be found Here

If you are looking for a helpful friendly welcoming Family Tree Forum then I highly recommend it, why not give it a try?

Finally a Brick Wall, well I have well and truly smashed through one in the last few weeks and if you follow my blog, then I am sure that you already know about this. If not please have a read of my major DNA breakthrough Here

Wrecking ball hitting an demolishing brick wall

So how did I do folks??? What do you think of my half yearly report?? Let me know what you think.


All My Blogs For Family Tree Magazine in one Handy Place




28 thoughts on “My Half-Yearly Report, How Did I Do?

  1. Wow, Paul, you have had a fabulous 2020 already, only halfway through the year and so much accomplished! Looking forward to reading more of your posts and tweets as this year progresses. And I’m especially happy we were able to meet in person during the 2019 Family Tree Live.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Marian it’s certainly been a busy year and has taken off in all sorts of different directions. It was absolutely lovely to meet with you last year and hopefully 2021 will bring a more normal way of life again and if you are attending any shows in 2021 it would be great to catch up once more


  2. Looking great Paul! I need to get more focussed on things, but the FH side of things are definitely getting more time this year than in the last few years!

    Liked by 1 person

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