#52Ancestors Week 47 ‘Good Deeds’

Welcome to Week 47 of my Genealogy challenge, from the wonderful Amy Johnson Crow, of writing something about your Ancestors for a whole year, #52Ancestors in 52 weeks. This week’s prompt is ‘Good Deeds’.

The wonders of the internet and the remarkable services offered by our Archives and Record Offices, means that with a few clicks of a mouse, the following ‘House Deeds’ and documents for my Wootton Ancestors of Mansell Gamage in Herefordshire, can be simply ordered and downloaded.

Deeds and other papers, 1627-1865

Deeds to a house and garden in Mansell Gamage, 1627-1865. In 1627 William Lurcott conveyed to Walter Savacre of Mansell Gamage, weaver, a house and orchard (11½ a.) together with lands in Honeythorne Field, Bowmore Field and Lower Field. The property later passed to JohnFerrar of Mansell Gamage through his mother Ann Savacre. In 1742 Ferrar sold it to George Perry of Bath, malster, who shortly afterwards conveyed it to Thomas Wootton of Mansell Gamage, blacksmith, who had previously purchased other parcels of land in Scuttmill Field and Bowmore Field from Stephen Powles of Awre, co Glocs. Finally in 1865 Richard and Moses Wootton conveyed the property to Sir Henry Geers Cotterell; it was then described as a cottage and garden, formerly 2 cottages. 
Including wills of Stephen Powles of Brampton Abbotts 1695, Moses Wootton 1837; envelope of WoottonMarriage and death certificates. 

Conveyance 1865 includes plan

Exchange, 25 March 1784
(1) Sir John Geers Cotterell
(2) Thomas Wootton sen of Mansell Gamage, wife Ann and son Thomas.
Cotterell to Wootton
2 parcels of land called The Paddocks in Mansell Gamage (3a 1r 30p).

Wootton to Cotterell
Parcels arable in the fields of Mansell Gamage (specified), parcel meadow called Crumple, dwelling house having the Hollow Way on E and The Lower Way on W, all in Mansell Gamage and previously leased by Herbert Rudhall Westfaling to Thomas Wootton father of (2).

With draft and lease by Westfaling to Wootton as above, 1735

Estate letters , 1907-1932

Letters about estate business as follows: from John Wootton, Byford, 1920, about a proposal to plant a cider orchard at Byford to commemorate Master Richard’s coming of age; G Ellwood, Staunton on Wye Rectory, 1920, about shooting; estate finance, 1921; Byford parish accounts and charities, 1907, 1930; W and M Doyle, Byford School, 1930, about financial support; Herbert Maxwell, Wigtownshire, 1931, about fishing; proposal to move a postbox near Garnons gate, 1932; shooting on Norton Canon glebe, n.d.

I am truly thankful for our Archivists and Record Office staff, who are working extra hard, during these difficult times, to bring even more services to us, literally at the touch of a button, thanks for providing such a wonderful service.

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