“Enthusiastic Amateur” Podcast

I was recently invited by Australian Genealogist Carole McCulloch, to take part in a podcast interview, to discuss all things Genealogy related and my role as the writer of the ‘Dear Paul’ column for family tree magazine.

Carole is an author, storyteller, family historian, teacher and now podcast host, if you want to visit her website and listen to our little chat the links are below.

The podcast talk can be found here:

Enthusiastic Amateur Podcast

Carole’s family history website can be found here:

Coach Carole

Look out for a future post that includes a free ecourse from Carole called ‘Blogging in the Past Lane’, aimed at new family history bloggers and short story writers. The course covers six modules that include how to choose your blog platform, how to build your site and how to write your first posts. This is a great course and would suit anyone who is considering starting a blog of their own! Be sure to keep an eye out later this month for all the details.


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