Journeys Into Genealogy Podcast

For those of you that enjoy a good genealogy podcast series, then why not have a listen to The Journeys Into Genealogy Podcast by the delightful Emma Cox.

This week Emma interviewed me on all things genealogy related. We discussed how I became interested in genealogy myself, how I became the writer of the Dear Paul column for Family Tree Magazine and what’s involved with putting together each edition and a whole lot more besides.

We also discussed how I started my Old Palace School Bombing website and how I began blogging and of course my obsession with Family Heirlooms.

If you enjoy family history and listening to a podcast, then hopefully you will enjoy this edition!

See the link below

Journeys Into Genealogy Podcast

Why not visit my new website:

Old Palace School Bombing

All My Blogs For Family Tree Magazine in one handy place

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