Free Rootstech 2023 Pass Giveaway


My ROOTSTECH 2023 GIVEAWAY COMPETITION is now up and running and I must say that as Rootstech Ambassador I am very excited to be giving away a COMPLIMENTARY 3 DAY PASS to Rootstech 2023 (valued at $98)

You will find details on how to enter my Rootstech Pass Giveaway competition at the end of this blog post, but let me tell why I am excited about Rootstech 2023 and how you can also join the fun.

Registration for RootsTech 2023 is now open.

This year’s global family history gathering will be March 2–4, 2023, with both an in-person event in the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City to complement its online experience.

The theme for RootsTech 2023 is “Uniting.” RootsTech is all about bringing people, stories, memories, technology, innovation, communities and, ultimately, families together.

You can join millions of virtual and in-person attendees March 2–4, 2023, for inspiring keynote addresses, instructive classes, innovative technologies, and most of all, the ability to connect people to their family — past, present, and future.

Join Online or Attend In Person

The free online event features:

  • 200-plus new on-demand class sessions and classes
  • Main stage presentations and keynote speakers
  • Chat support and online research consultations
  • Connection with cousins using Relatives at RootsTech and messaging
  • Virtual expo hall

The three-day, in-person experience is $98. It includes access to the virtual option, and:

  • 180-plus in-person class sessions with Q&As
  • In-person research help at the Family History Library
  • Hands-on sponsor demonstrations in the expo hall
  • Connection with friends and cousins in person

Access to the expo hall in Salt Lake City is free and will include more than 200 exhibitors, product demonstrations and interactions with research specialists.

“For those of you questioning whether to join us virtual or in person, the best part about this year is you get to choose how you join us,” said Jen Allen, director of events at FamilySearch in the live RootsTech Q&A in September. “We hope you will come to Salt Lake if you’re able, but if you aren’t, the virtual experience is going to be incredible. We cannot wait to connect with all of you all over the world.”

The 2023 event marks the 13th year of this global gathering. In 2022, over 3 million people participated online. Since the beginning, innovation has been a guiding principle for RootsTech. Each year, the event organizers adapt the content to appeal to people worldwide and to stay current.

“We feel compelled to keep learning and evolving,” said Jen Allen, RootsTech event director. “We are constantly seeking new ideas to help expand reach outside the industry and create engaging and educational experiences for RootsTech attendees.”

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Read on to find how to enter to WIN A COMPLIMENTARY PASS to Rootstech 2023.


To be eligible to WIN my complimentary PASS to Rootstech 2023, simply tell me how you started your family history journey and what inspired you to continue. You can find me on Twitter @chiddickstree, or email me at or simply leave a COMMENT in the comments section below this blog post. Remember to HASHTAG your entry #rootstech2023pass so I will know you are an competition entrant.




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10 thoughts on “Free Rootstech 2023 Pass Giveaway

  1. I got started on my family history research because I grew up never knowing anything about my dad or his side of the family, and once I started, I got hooked. What kept me going was the desire to discover more and more about a family that I never knew I had.

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  2. I got started on my family history research because I grew up never knowing anything about my dad or his side of the family, and once I started, I got hooked. What kept me going was the desire to discover more and more about a family that I never knew I had. #rootstech2023pass

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  3. I was first inspired to research my family in the early 2000’s. I think my mother wanted to know more about her family and it got me to researching. While I don’t research everyday like my husband does, my whole goal in going is to find more ways to stay inspired and to find more records of my family. I find I have a lot of brick walls and I believe if I get more organized in my research habits, I will do better. This is what I hope the conference will do for me. I already bought my tickets (for me and my husband), plane and hotel. It would be a nice gift for him that I won so we can save money.

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    1. Hi Emily firstly thank you for taking part in my free Rootstech23 competition and I wish you luck! Researching your family history is such a wonderful and enjoyable hobby, sometimes, emotional, sometimes, funny but always so fascinating and absorbing! I wish you luck with your research and thanks again


    2. Hi Emily,

      You recently entered my Rootstech competition for a free pass. The lady that was chosen as a winner, unfortunately, is now unable to attend, so I am offering the free pass to you as my new winner of the competition. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to attend.

      Best wishes

      Paul Chiddicks


      1. Unfortunately I won from another Kirsten and I’m using their past. What if you can find another person who is going that is able to use it that would be best I’m sorry.

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  4. I started my family history journey when I was only 12 years old! I had a grandmother who would tell me stories while clicking through family search family tree. One day she decided to teach me how to attach sources and hints. I immediately became addicted and felt purposeful and excited! I will forever be grateful for my dear grandma 🙂


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    1. Many thanks for entretring my RootsTech competitioon giveaway and thank you for sharing with me how you started your family history journey. You are so lucky to have such an inspirational grandmother to learn from and be inspired by! Good luck in the competetion


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