The Family Histories Podcast

For those of you that enjoy a really good genealogy podcast series, then why not have a listen to The Family Histories Podcast by the wonderful Andrew Martin. If you are a family history addict, which I am assuming you might be, if you are reading this blog, then you will love the Family Histories Podcast.

This week Andrew interviewed me on all things genealogy related. We discussed how I became interested in genealogy, how I became the writer of the Dear Paul column for Family Tree Magazine, plus a little bit on my “other hobby”, Lego. We spoke about my ‘chancer ancestor’, tackled a brick wall along the way, plus a whole lot more besides. 

The current series is series 5 and Andrew has interviewed some wonderful guests over the last few years, some really genuinely nice people and these podcasts are a real delight to listen to.

If you enjoy family history and and love listening to a podcast, then hopefully you will enjoy this edition!


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