Self Isolation and how to make it work and in other news…..the Cat over the road is called Walter

We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times, something that has never happened before in our lifetimes. We are truly “Living History” right now.

In years to come we will all look back at these times, but how much will we remember? More importantly, what will we remember?

Firstly I now realise how seriously “Fragile” Society really is, I had no idea how our day to day lives are so finely balanced, literally on a knife edge. In normal circumstances we carry on our daily routines without the realisation we are that close to the edge. What has also struck me and probably a lot of you as well, is how important “the little guy” is; that’s me and you. How we only function every day as a society, because every single one of us has our own tiny parts to play, we each have our roles to play and a bit like a Jenga Tower, if you remove the wrong block, Society can very easily topple over.

Little things mean a lot and possession’s mean very little, we all like to think that is how we view things naturally, but if you wanted anymore confirmation of this, then you have it now.

I am truly amazed at the wonderful lengths and sheer inventiveness of people to share and stay in touch and to still celebrate occasions such as Mother’s Day and Birthday’s.

How to celebrate a self isolation Birthday

The innovative ways that people have managed to keep Social Distancing, but still find a way to bring people together, some of these have been so heart moving.

We will all take away something differently from these troubled times, but I wanted to start documenting the things that I want to remember and to try and blot out the bad things.

So in the first, of a series of blogs, I wanted to record my own personal views from this period in History.

There will be NO Political statements in this blog and likewise no negativity, I am focusing on “The Good Things” and the things that have made me laugh and smile through adversity. This will not necessarily be in any chronological order, I just wanted to capture the small details that have resonated with me. I hope you enjoy…….

How to maintain the correct distancing as demonstrated by Hugh Pym from the BBC who has rather conveniently grown to exactly 2 metres for us!

pyn Image

Here is how to do Mother’s Day safely!



I also want to share with you two special things that have restored my faith in both humanity and kindness and gives me the belief that together we will overcome this.

The love and bond between a Sister and her Brother and the extra miles that she went to overcome the isolation between them.


The second is somebody that has simply adapted to our new current existence and decided to share with us the views around her beautiful garden.

The Quarantine Garden 1

The Quarantine Garden 2

So let us embrace the new temporary world that we find ourselves in, lets try to learn some new skills, lets try to adapt to what has become the “new norm”, let’s try to be more tolerant and patient and lets try to enjoy Home Schooling!


Remember kids will always, always be more inventive than Adults, this is how to embrace self isolation and social distancing but still play ‘Footy’.

How Kids Do it Part 1

How Kids Do it Part 2


How wonderful are all the decorated Rainbow Windows that we are seeing around our streets and how emotional and tear jerking was the #ClapForTheNHS





The next few weeks are going to be tough and bring uncertainty, but by pulling together, we can keep smiling and support each other through this.

Above all else I just want to say thank you so much, to all our Health Care Workers and Care Workers, you are heroes in every sense of the word, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do and continue to do.

With special thanks to Natalie Weston, Harley from #TheQuarantineGarden, Barry Geraghty and Sarah Jayne-Tobin for allowing me to share their videos and thank you to Simon Palmer, Susan Pym (plus model Hugh Pym) and James Pearce for allowing me to use their photographs.

If you have seen something inspirational online yourself, or have done something inspirational, to brighten people’s day, then don’t hesitate to drop me a message on twitter @chiddickstree or by email  and I will try to give you a mention next time.

One last thing to make you smile from Sian Cosgrove:

In other news……….the cat over the road is called Walter





Stay Safe and cherish your loved ones and try to be a little bit more tolerant and patient, we will get through this……….


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37 thoughts on “Self Isolation and how to make it work and in other news…..the Cat over the road is called Walter

  1. I had very similar thoughts! I’ve realized the other day that I can’t bring myself to post about family history. Instead, I am trying to capture as much as I can from our everyday lives at these grim times. I’ve lived through one historical event, and I have no doubt that now I am living through one more.

    Thank you for all the positivities!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the cat signs…there’s some movie where the neighbor’s have signs, but I can’t recall which one it is…this is indeed a historic moment we are all living through and like you, I agree, finding the positive is important and adapting to what things are to prepare for what they may become…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you. So happy to see Brish people are still managing to have a great sense of humour. Loved the guy delivering the mother’s day present with a fishing rod. Tne figures coming out of the UK had me really upset today but you cheered me up with your cheerful photos.


  4. I’m not having as much trouble as many. I’m used to being home and have to remind myself to get outside for a bit each day. I do miss going out to church, our all group, and the library, but it’s fun figuring out the live-stream church services, video chat small groups and group texts. I’ve chosen to not wallow in the news, but I’m not uninformed. I’ve been on Facebook a lot more, chatted on the phone, and sent out several cards and notes. I dwell in the peace that passes understanding (Phillipians 4:7) and pray for the Lord’s will and Jesus’ healing, provision and comfort for all.


    1. Thanks Heidi for sharing your thoughts, we are all adapting to a new way of living and an ever changing world. I like to remain positive and focus on the good in people as together we can and will get through this


  5. I’m with you! Let’s celebrate life and spend our time in positive things, planting, growing, reading, making art, lifting our faces to sun for a kiss and getting to know Walter the cat. 😀 Big virtual hugs my friend.


  6. I looooved the bit about Walter …my Jake is pretty well known in our village . He is the resident watcher from the front window – has been since a puppy. I may just put up a sign that says “Wave at Jake !!!!”


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