#SelfIsolation 2 ‘The New Norm’ and Captain Tom in Lego Form!

We are well and truly into ‘Lockdown’ now and we have all kind of adapted to a “New Norm’, whatever ‘Normal’ actually is?

If you saw my first post about self-isolation, you will know that this blog is all about the positivity and the good things that I have seen or found online. If you want to see the first part it can be found Here

I would like to say a special thanks to Elsa Williams and her Mum, for allowing me to feature their wonderful daily fitness routine, which even featured on National Television! A special thanks also, to the truly wonderful children of WestField Primary in York for allowing me to use their video tribute, to Captain Tom and special thanks to Suzanne Robinson’s Father for allowing me to use his invention.

So without anymore waffling sit back smile and enjoy…………….

A rousing #ClapForTheNHS there have been so many amazing tributes online to our wonderful NHS and Care Workers, too many to share them all, but I wanted to share this novel invention from Suzanne Robinson’s Father, Len Robinson……….


Next we have some knitted NHS workers? Why not……



This clip is brilliant and only in Dublin!………Dublin


If you don’t know the name, Captain Tom, where have you been? You all must know about the amazing achievements of Captain Tom and all the funds he has raised for the NHS, 28 Million to date and rising! Well the wonderful Children of WestField Primary in York, managed to produce their very own tribute to Captain Tom, by making an animated clip of his amazing achievement in Lego!! Which can be seen on the link below.

Captain Tom

So a massive thanks to the school children from WestField Primary for making such a wonderful tribute and thank you so much for allowing me to share this with you here.

The Cats have been at it again, turn your back for a minute and this is what happens…….



Thanks to Elsa Williams for sharing these clips of her Mum’s Daily fitness classes, held with all the Residents of her Street! “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Dancing in the Street 1

Dancing in the Street 2

Dancing in the Street 3

So how about a bit more inspiration. A 12-year old girl was having difficulty with her Maths homework during the lockdown. So she emailed her teacher for help and he came over, brought his whiteboard, and taught her through the window. What a Hero!

Teacher Hero

When you’re  ‘Home Alone’ why not try some Classic Dad moves! A Man after my own heart!

Dad Moves

Of course with all that extra time on your hands, who wouldn’t want to build a Picnic Table for a Squirrel.


Maybe you could try some #SelfIsolation #Lockdown Bingo then?



My Blog wouldn’t be complete of course without a sprinkling of Episodes from the truly wonderful #TheQuarantineGarden

TheQuarantineGarden 1

TheQuarantineGarden 2


So what new skills have you learnt this Month during lockdown? What about the #SelfIsolation haircut? Where we go from this…………


To this………



and finally……..one final reminder why we are all doing this………..



All My Blogs For Family Tree Magazine in one Handy Place





















14 thoughts on “#SelfIsolation 2 ‘The New Norm’ and Captain Tom in Lego Form!

  1. Thank you for reading my post. Just read yours. Quite delightful…loved the knitted dolls and the gorgeous squirrel table. We lived for a short time in Canada years ago and that would have been handy as we had several squirrels in the garden. One used to tap our kitchen window if we forgot his daily nuts… Cheers.


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