‘I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends’- #SelfIsolation Part 3

2020 Has been like no other year in my lifetime and probably in your lifetime as well. When the impact of the Corona Virus started to take off, earlier in the year, I like probably many of you, thought this would probably be a short lived thing, some short term pains and it would be ‘business as normal’, by the end of the year.

My early thoughts were about embracing the moment and looking at the wonderful and inspirational ways that people coped and managed to adapt and get on with their lives, these I collected and posted in a couple of blogs at the time. Some humorous and truly inspirational people out there, making the best of a tough situation.

Part 1

Part 2

Never in my wildest of dreams, did I envisage writing another blog on the subject, in October, as we start to edge towards another series of local or ‘mini-lockdowns’, here in the UK. The impact on peoples lives deepens with every sad passing and also deepens in terms of jobs, the economy, people’s mental health well being. This whole period now, has a completely different feel to the ‘Spring/Summer’ feel, that we had at the start of the virus.

Winter months can be long, hard and lonely for a lot of people, without the added suffering of not being able to see close family members once more. Instinct tells me that we are in this for ‘the long game’ now, so it’s vitally important that we take the time to reassure our loved ones and friends and make sure that they are ok. Young children need the reassurance that they are protected from the virus and those on their own will certainly appreciate a friendly smile or wave and hello, even if its from a distance or from the window! Stop, take some time out and make it a daily routine to call a friend or family member, to hear a friendly voice, if you are alone, can make the world of difference to that person.

So lets all make a conscious effort to look after each other through the coming months and together, we can and will survive. Our Ancestors endured many tough times in their lifetimes, so with a little bit of kindness, support and love, we can and will get through the other side……………


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4 thoughts on “‘I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends’- #SelfIsolation Part 3

  1. Yes, you’re quite right. I remember saying to my daughter in March “oh I’m sure it’ll all be done after 6 weeks or so!” – bite my tongue!! I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve worked right through, still employed, but away for 6-7 weeks at a time. But that means I’ve missed so much of my grandson’s development. And I’m eternally grateful that he’s young enough to not have a clue about what’s going on. He is just happy his beloved Daddy is with him every day. I hope his ignorance of the situation continues…and that this virus will dissipate soon. Although I’m not holding my breath…

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