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Also in 2021, I want to collaborate more with others, so if you have a passion for Genealogy, WW1, or History in general and want to either post a guest blog on my blog, or work together on a small project then please get in touch.


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12 thoughts on “Subscribe and Follow Today………Are you Interested in Collaborating in 2021?

    1. Thats great to hear Simon, as ‘Essex Boys’, I’m sure that there is something that we can conjure up between us. No pressure or time constraints, just something we can work on and enjoy. Have a think over the holidays about ideas and likewise I will do the same and we can have a look at something early next year, if that sounds ok? My email is if its easier to keep in touch that way. Thanks Paul

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  1. Hi Paul
    Absolutely interested in guest writing and have you as a guest author
    If an opportunity occurs to participate in small projects, it would be brilliant, but my origins are more from nowadays Belgium and Germany.

    I just recently started a blog myself:
    Based in the Netherlands and I do love genealogy, history (medieval, WWI and II).
    I try to be as precise as I can be writing in English, but it is obviously not my mother tongue.


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    1. Hi Arnold, many thanks for your message and it would be wonderful if you could either write a guest post for my blog or likewise I could write something to feature on yours, it would be good to work on something together. it sounds like we have some common interests as well as Genealogy. Rest assured that your English is far better than my Dutch my friend. I will give your blog a follow. Thanks Paul


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