What’s Your Favourite Podcast?

In the last twelve months I have become addicted to listening to podcasts, I have even managed to make the odd guest appearance in a few as well!

I absolutely love listening to them, especially when I am in the car. Initially I listened to mainly Family History based shows, but I have also found a couple of beautiful podcasts that really brighten my day and they have become my little piece of escapism. Throw in a mix of History, Military History and the macabre subject of Grave Diggers, then there is a little piece for everyone!


I have listed my favourite shows here, apologies if I have missed you out, please drop me a message if you have a show that you think would be of interest.

I have to make a special mention to Zoe at The Airing Cupboard, it was listening to Zoe’s beautiful podcasts that first introduced me to wonders of listening to them.

So here’s my list and I urge you to give them a try, there’s something there for all of us, sit back, relax and enjoy!

The Airing Cupboard

Quirky Gems Podcast

Family Tree Magazine Podcast

The Old Front Line

Amateur Family History Podcast

Twice Removed


Out of The Blank

The Backtracker History Show

Generations Cafe

The Essential Genealogist

Subbuteo Show

We Share These Streets

Ask Agra

The Family Histories Podcast

The Writing Wall

Daniels Genealogy

DNAID Podcast

Journeys into Genealogy Podcast

The Irish Genealogy Podcast

I have used links to apple podcasts only because this is the platform that I use, but all of the episodes will be available across all the normal platforms.


If I have inadvertently missed you off somehow, please don’t be offended, send me your link and I will gladly add you to my play list!

Watch out for some new and exciting Podcasts coming soon……………

Father and Daughter Dave and Isabel Annal @Dave_Lifelines and @MyMischlingFam will be bringing us something fresh and something new.

Plus something new from the Family History Federation @FederationFHS watch out, you never know I might even be in one of the episodes!

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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Podcast?

  1. “Beautiful podcasts”! Yes, as I get older, I more and more crave opportunities to appreciate simple, beautiful thoughts. I am adding “The Airing Cupboard” to my podcast list.

    Recently I have learned a lot from Family Locket’s “Research Like a Pro” podcasts: https://familylocket.com/the-research-like-a-pro-genealogy-podcast/

    From your list, I second your recommendations for “Generations Cafe” and “Family Tree Magazine Podcast”–great useful topics at both.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You will absolutely love the Airing Cupboard it’s a little piece of escapism. I agree I should add Nicole’s podcast to the list! I have listened to them and found them really interesting, I knew I would miss someone out!


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